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...MUNCHLand brings you local food &
beverage options fitting your personal dietary needs
right to your phone!

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If you are vegan, vegetarian, have food allergies, need gluten free, Kosher, or just looking for healthy options, you are in the right place!


MUNCHLand guides
you to the food and beverages
accessible and in your neighborhood


MUNCHLand highlights
the specific food and
beverages that businesses carry,
not just the business.


MUNCHLand indentifies
items based on your own
individual dietary and
nutritional needs

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MUNCHLand is the perfect tool for businesses to market their specialty and healthy choice menu items.

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See how the residents on Healthy Lane find the food and beverage items right for them!

How are you going to quickly find lunch that fits your diet? Check out how Jane and Mike use MUNCHLand to do just that!

All restaurants and stores out there with items that are healthy or fit those with food allergies or diet restrictions, check out what MUNCHLand can do for you!