Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is MUNCHLand?

    MUNCHLand is a virtual marketplace that works like an app allowing users to discover and locate specific food and beverage items fitting their diet types. Instead of visiting multiple websites, or looking at numerous menus, MUNCHLand creates your own customized menu of items from either multiple businesses or just one business in a local area. It is also a perfect place for businesses like restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and any place that has one or many items fitting specific diet types, to expose their items to local consumers! From finding items fitting specific food allergies, or sensitivities like gluten, to diet restrictions like vegan, organic, and kosher, to low carb, low sodium, or low calorie, MUNCHLand is versatile enough to accommodate almost any diet type for any consumer!

  • 2. How do I get the MUNCHLand app?

    MUNCHLand is a web-based application, very easy to access, very easy to use, and nothing to download. To create your free account and immediately begin finding great food fitting your diet, click here.

    If you are a business that has any (or many) items that fit a specific diet such as gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, low calorie or other significant nutritional value, organic or GMO free, or fits any number of diet types, submit those items now by clicking here.

  • 3. How does MUNCHLand work?

    For Businesses
    For businesses, it is quite easy to get your food and beverage items fitting specific diet types discovered and located by a local audience. Fill out this short form entering in your items. This includes using your own words on how you want to describe the items, the address of your business(es) where the items are located and an optional logo of your business to help with brand awareness and recognition. That's all it takes. Businesses are in control of which items they would like to promote in MUNCHLand whether it be just one item or many.

    For Consumers
    For consumers, it is just as easy to discover and locate items fitting specific diet types as it is for the businesses submitting them. You can get to MUNCHLand by just clicking here. Literally in a matter of minutes you'll be exploring your own personal menu of items fitting your diet from businesses local to you! It takes 3 easy steps ...

    Create Account and Set Diet Profile
    Once you've created a MUNCHLand account you can setup your diet profile. You can set it for any number of allergies or food sensitivities, diet restrictions, and nutritional values. Once you have set up your diet profile, MUNCHLand saves it so you no longer have to set it again when looking for items.

    Set Your Preferences
    You can look for specific items that fit your diet, from American breakfast entrees within a 10 mile radius, to Vietnamese dinner appetizers less than a mile away. If any of those items have been listed by businesses in MUNCHLand, you will instantly discover them!

    Make Your Choice
    Once you have set your preferences, simply hit 'GO!' and choose from the menu of items that get listed. At the touch of a button you can sort by distance, how the items are rated, and if the nutritional fact information for the items are defined, you can sort by a number of those values such as calories, carbs, fat, etc.
  • 4. How does MUNCHLand differ from any other app or tool available today?

    Like many apps, MUNCHLand is designed to work great on a smartphone, but that is where the similarities basically end and it's what MUNCHLand does that separates it from all other apps and tools.

    Many apps just tell you which restaurants have items that fit your diet … for example, “this restaurant has vegan items” instead of telling you exactly what those vegan items are … MUNCHLand Does!

    Other apps may actually tell you what items at businesses fit your diet, but then they leave it to you to tell you where these businesses are and how to get to them … MUNCHLand Does!

    Trying to compare and sort items from multiple menus and websites is extremely time consuming, but don’t worry … MUNCHLand Does!

    Some apps tell you how consumers rate restaurants and other businesses in general, but not how they rate the items specifically … MUNCHLand Does!

    A lot of apps don’t allow consumers to easily tell their group of friends on social media how they enjoyed the item(s) from a particular business … MUNCHLand Does!

    Unless an item would fit a person’s certain allergy or food sensitivity, their diet restriction, or has appealing nutrition facts, it may not make sense to add it to MUNCHLand. MUNCHLand is designed to quickly and efficiently help businesses communicate those specific items to local consumers. Other apps don’t give businesses control over which items they want to add to their apps and tell to consumers … MUNCHLand Does!

  • 5. Why isn’t MUNCHLand in my area?

    Actually MUNCHLand can be brought up everywhere there is an Internet connection, BUT we are only recommending that individuals use it in areas where using the app gives a true reflection of the diversity of dietary needs and cuisine preferences in the area around them. We will be focusing on each area and each city until MUNCHLand can bring a great experience across America. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or follow our blog to stay up to date where the MUNCHLand experience will be available.

  • 6. There’s a restaurant with items I know should be in MUNCHLand. Can it be added?

    We are constantly looking to expand the options to MUNCHLand users. If you know or come across an item you feel would fit well in an area we’re promoting MUNCHLand and it’s not currently in there drop us a note (email link). We’re making it even easier on social media, tell us the name of the business and the name of the item and follow it up with #MUNCHIT (I might think of something better) and we will be in hot pursuit to get into MUNCHLand.