We are launching MUNCHLand in your area … from there, across the nation and beyond! Regardless of what your dietary or nutritional preferences are, we want MUNCHLand to be able to help you find and guide you to the items in your area that fit those preferences. So if you are tired of searching through menu after menu, website after website, click below and begin discovering food and beverage items throughout the Chicago area fitting your specific diet! What's great, is MUNCHLand is free and there is nothing to download taking up memory on your phone, tablet, or computer. MUNCHLand is in its Beta release but we welcome you to begin using it right now! We will have a full scale Chicagoland launch this spring. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we will let you know as soon as our full scale version is available!

MUNCHLand is not going to be just another nutrition app. By design MUNCHLand will revolutionize the dining and grocery shopping experience for those with dietary and nutritional preferences. Imagine having your own customized menu or grocery list showing you only items that fit those preferences, putting a stop to the seemingly neverending searching and comparing we often times experience. MUNCHLand is a free app as well as your app that you can help build and expand to make for an even better experience. MUNCHLand grows by partnering with neighborhood restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, and any other food and beverage provider and manufacturer. If MUNCHLand is in your area (the Chicagoland area currently), but a specific eating establishment you want in MUNCHLand has yet to partner with us, let us know and we will contact them right away! You can let us know in a couple of ways. You can send us a note (click on the contact link above ) OR you can communicate with us via your social media account such as Twitter and Facebook and attach hashtag #MUNCHIT. Either way, simply tell us the name of the business, location, and include what your dietary preferences are and we will contact that business as soon as possible. If you can think of any other improvements you would like to see in MUNCHLand please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and HAPPY MUNCHing!

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