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Grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores all have their shelves plentifully stocked with items provided by food and beverage manufacturers targeting consumers with specific dietary needs. Take the time a consumer needs to discover all the soups, cereals, frozen foods, baked goods, juices, soft drinks, snacks, protein and energy bars and more that fit their dietary needs then add that to the time it takes to find out where and if those items are available in their neighborhood. It sums up to an overwhelming experience, and a lot of missed opportunity for the manufacturer, the store, as well as the consumer. MUNCHLand simplifies shopping and turns missed opportunities into new opportunities.

Unless an enormous amount of money is spent on marketing, many items meant for specific dietary needs will get lost in the shuffle. By design, MUNCHLand is the platform that will quickly and efficiently get your items discovered by the consumers they are meant for at NO COST to the manufacturer or store owner. Currently we are building MUNCHLand surrounding menu based businesses in the Chicago area such as restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, coffee shops, etc. . If you are however a food or beverage manufacturer or store with items that would appeal to the MUNCHLand audience, please take a few seconds to tell us about you and your business. We will keep you informed and let you know when the MUNCHLand app is ready to expand to non menu-based businesses and items. MUNCHLand is free for businesses to submit their items for MUNCHLand users to discover

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