More About Partnering

The concept of MUNCHLand is simple. Businesses upload their items that appeal to various dietary and/or nutritional preferences. MUNCHLand then communicates those items to local consumers with matching preferences.

Partnering with MUNCHLand will help get your items noticed and increase your appeal to a diverse and loyal customer base, that otherwise would be very costly and inefficient to attract through other channels like TV & radio, print ads, even Internet. Whether you have items that fit people with food allergies, vegetarian or vegan items, or items where you know the nutrition facts like the calories, fat, or carbs, we can make sure they get seen by the right people at the right place and at the right time. MUNCHLand is actively partnering with restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, or any business with a menu in the Chicago metropolitan area. If you are outside of the Chicago area visit our Other Cities page. We are looking to partner with non menu-based business as well. Visit our Grocers & Manufacturers page and find out more.

Partnering with MUNCHLand is quite simple as well as free! It takes only a few simple steps…

Submit your contact information. Your email should suffice and will only be used to clarify any information needed to correctly upload into MUNCHLand as well as to keep you updated on MUNCHLand activities. For faster communication submit your phone number as well.

Submit your business information. Tell us things like your location, your business website and phone number, and hours of operation.

Submit your items. Businesses can submit them either by file, URL location, or by fax. Give as much information as you can about each item. Let us know things like if they're safe for consumers with certain food allergies, is it vegetarian or vegan, organic or GMO free, or kid healthy. If you know the nutrition facts like calories, carbs, fat, sugar etc., be sure to include those as well

Restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, and all other menu based businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area, take a few minutes to partner with us and get your items known!

Partner With MUNCHLand